Gamestop is Now Accepting Retro Games at all Locations – JustRPG Podcast

Gamestop is Now Accepting Retro Games at all Locations – JustRPG Podcast



Gamestop has been accepting retro video games at specific locations in the New York and New Jersey area for a little while now in order to test their system. Now they are accepting retro video games from popular systems such as the Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and more.

This new policy from Gamestop has brought up some concerns for those who are interested in video game preservation. This concern derives from policies Gamestop has implemented in the past, specifically their handling of outdated Playstation 2 games. This previous policy resulted in the destruction and recycling of a large number of Playstation 2 games which were not selling well for the company. This bring up the question of whether or not the company will do this in the future if this program fails and is no longer profitable for them.

Another concern with this new policy of accepting retro video games also brings up another issue that Gamestop will have to address. This issue is the amount of fake or reproduction games that have made it into the company’s retro video game system which have in turn made it into the hands of buyers across the country. 

So how do you feel about this new policy? Do you think this is a good thing? Are you concerned about the future of video game preservation? Let us know in the comment section below we would love to hear your opinion on the issue!

  • James Whitlock

    Personally, this policy really scares me. As someone who cares deeply about history and spent four years of my life studying it, I simply do not trust Gamestop with this amount of responsibility. Gamestop is a coropration, and as a coropration in the end they will only care about profit for the shareholders, not gaming history.