Me & My Katamari

Me & My Katamari is a quirky third person adventure/puzzle game that was developed and published by Namco, and was released for the Sony PSP on March 21. 2006.

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: March 21, 2006
Platforms: PSP
JustRPG Score:
+Hilarious dialogue
+Good soundtrack
-Awkward controls
-Could be too weird for some players


Me & My Katamari Overview

Me & My Katamari is an extremely quirky third person adventure/puzzle game that was released for the Sony PSP in spring of 2006. In this game the player controls a magic ball that you must roll around sticking anything smaller than you to yourself in order to increase your size. With a crazy story line and pleasant visuals this is a must own for any PSP fan that enjoys Japanese style games.

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Me & My Katamari Review


It is an unfortunate fact that the PSP has a constantly growing library, but among so many titles, only a few truly shine. One such title is Me & My Katamari. It is a title with a high set of qualities, not only on the PSP, but any platform. It becomes obvious early in the game the amount of effort put into the game, especially for a handheld.


Me & My Katamari is the third iteration in the Katamari Damacy series, and the first one on a portable platform. It also brings back all the well-known characters, such as the King of All Cosmos, the Queen, and Prince, along with many cousins.


The game starts with the Royal family deciding to take a vacation, and they chose Earth as their destination. Upon arrival, however, the family crosses paths with animals that were victims of a giant wave and washed off their original islands. Being as kind as always, the King decides to give all the animals new islands, and so the Prince sets off on his behalf.


The objective in the game is to roll up all the objects found in an area, depending on the size of your Katamari. According to the current size of the big ball of junk, you can roll from a simple paper clip up to a whole mountain, and everything in between. It takes a while at first to learn how to maneuver the Katamari to pick up items. The sheer number of objects in the game is stunning. There are so many different categories, sizes, and themes, that it is difficult to stop playing because of all the new objects you have found. Moreover, there is a short, and often funny, description of every single object in the game. The game also keeps track of every imaginable stat, ranging from maximum Katamari size and time taken to finish, to the qualities of the objects (gourmet, loud, cute, etc.). It is quite satisfying to watch your own island get populated with all the animals that stop by with a request. There are also two other islands nearby, the Bean-stalk Island, where all your cousins are agglomerated, and the Volcano Island, where other animals with odd requests appear. Although there is a great variety in objects and challenges, the same cannot be said about the areas in the game. After a few challenges, you will notice how old areas are recycled. Despite some minor changes, it is apparent that the areas are still the same. What changes most from one area to another is what time of day it is, and what season. This kind of variety would be perfect, if it was combined with a different layout.


Me and My Katamari benefits from a very unique sense of style, with a sort of flat, square look to everything, including people and animals. The game engine is very capable, and only in a few instances (with many on-screen objects, for example) slows down. The camera is locked behind the character, which rarely can be seen, since he (or she) is so small. For that particular purpose, he or she is displayed in the right corner of the screen as well, which is useful once the Katamari gets very large. Once again, rarely, the camera can get stuck and hinder the gameplay during some precious seconds, but not much worse than when the frame rate drops.


Another small flaw in the game is that it forces the players’ hands to be held in uncomfortable positions if played for long periods of time. This causes cramps, so it is recommended to play for short periods of time.


The sound in the game is another highlight, with songs that are worth listening to. This is unusual for a portable title, and some even include lyrics in Japanese and/or English. There is no voiceover, but the amount of sound effects is almost as impressive as the amount of objects themselves, since many objects have their own sound effect. Overall, this is a title that you might want to use the speakers or headphones for.


Me & My Katamari is a game difficult to place in a certain category. It has elements of a puzzler, with the careful timing and strategy required in later levels, and the fast pace of an action title, required to roll up all the objects within the time limit.


Probably the greatest highlight in the entire package is the humor found in the game. Very few games are as quirky, weird, and just plain fun as Katamari. Mainly, all the text found in the game is funny, and with a bit of knowledge, the player might enjoy the dialogs to the fullest (due to some references in Latin and about different places). The conversation between the King and the Prince, along with the description of the objects, truly shine among any game on any platform, with a witty sense of humor.


All in all, Me & My Katamari is probably one of the best titles for the PSP, especially with the reduced price tag. The title, although a bit short in the level variety, certainly is worth its price in other content, including one of the best senses of humor to be found in a game. With all this said, however, this game might not be for everyone. The weirdness of it all might be a bit too much for players used to playing more “regular” games, and that, unfortunately, do not stray away from the safety of long-known titles. For players that do enjoy a new and different experience, Me & My Katamari certainly is a title that will fulfill such expectations, although it is a bit lacking in some departments. Me & My Katamari is much more than just a decent representation of what the other two previous games had to offer in the PlayStation 2, making it a must-own on the PSP.


Final Grade: 88%


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