Pocket Kingdom: Own the World

Pocket Kingdom: Own the World is a mobile MMORPG that was developed by Sega, published by Nokia, and released for the N-Gage on November 24, 2004.

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Nokia
Release Date: November 24, 2004
Platforms: N-Gage
JustRPG Score:
+Funny characters.
+Online and offline modes.
+Lots of classes.
-Mediocre visuals.
-Does not take itself seriously.


Pocket Kingdom: Own the World Overview

Pocket Kingdom: Own the World is a humorous mobile MMORPG that was released for the N-Gage in late 2004. The game was designed to make fun of other MMORPGs and for that reason the characters classes and names themselves play on typical themes found in other games. This style of game can be very enjoyable, especially at first, but could easily get old after a while. Overall for a mobile game Pocket Kingdom: Own the World is very well done and worth playing if you are looking for an MMORPG on the fly.

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Pocket Kingdom: Own the World Review


As the first MMO game on the N-Gage, Pocket Kingdom: Own the World has a lot to live up to. I’ve spent a lot of time with the game lately and it seems to have exceeded my every expectation. The game is easy to pick up and play, yet offers a good deal of character and item customization. On top of that, it’s ridiculously addictive. Not convinced yet? Read on to see what this game has to offer.


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Pocket Kingdom has an interesting awareness that it’s just a game. Each unit is like a different player, right down to the annoying l33t speak. The game also features history that revolves around great players instead of gods and mythology. This gives the game a very unique feel and adds a lot of humor. Wizards talk about their “homies” during battle, and golems complain that “you’re ruining my fantasy adventure” when you defeat them.


The game takes place in the map of Ulgress, a region named after a powerful griefer from the past. A griefer is a player who makes life miserable for everyone else, and is pretty much just asking to be banned. Ulgress got what he asked for. After Ulgress was banned, everything started to fall apart and the map was thrust into war. This is how it all started, and now is your chance to follow in Ulgress’ footsteps. Your Kingdom will start with a handful of loot and some basic characters and you’ll need to build it into an empire powerful enough to own the world! How do you do that? Conquer other Kingdoms until you’ve made it to the top of the All Time Owner Board.


You’ll begin the game in an offline tutorial. This will show you the ropes of the game and teach you the basics, like buying and upgrading units, combining items and forming an army. The game is fairly unique, so getting the hang of things may take a while, even with the help of the tutorial. There are a few things that aren’t explained particularly well in the tutorial as well, so things may not start off particularly smoothly. Once you’ve got the hang of things, though, you’ll be able to defeat several computer Pocket Kingdoms and earn the Online Crest, which allows you to play online. But, don’t rush yourself… playing online can be pretty dangerous. The offline mode is pretty extensive. You can play offline as long as you want, battling computer opponents, collecting items and upgrading your units. When you do decide to go online you can take the Pocket Kingdom you created in the offline mode with you, so use the offline mode wisely. If you find you’re having trouble online just log-off and play offline for a while. If all you want to do is collect some items and level up your characters, you’re probably better off to do that offline where you don’t have to worry about some griefer coming in and ruining your day.


The core of your Kingdom is your units. You’ll start off with only two unit types: Wizard and Soldier. These characters can be upgraded, though, into more powerful characters. For example, the Wizard can be upgraded into a Priest or a Necromancer and the Soldier can be upgraded into a Phalanx or a Warrior. Units are upgraded by attaching emblems to them once they’ve met a certain level requirement. An emblem is created by combining various types of items, and the type of emblem created depends on what items you combine. The type of unit that results will depend both on the emblem you’re using and the initial class of the character. Combine a Soldier with a Hero Emblem and you’ll get a Knight. Throughout the game you’ll find shops that sell even more items, such as Skeletons and Gargoyles. Each of these units can be upgraded as well. Overall, there are tons of different units that you can purchase and upgrade and there is a lot of customization. The units each have specific stats and abilities, so there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each. If you want to stand a chance at making it to the top of the All Time Owner Board you’ll need to create a powerful army. Customizing your units and building up an army of the units of your choice is addictive and fun. Even when you aren’t trying to Own the World you’ll probably find yourself working hard to upgrade your characters and creating a really cool party.

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Ulgress is full of different items that you can combine and customize. Not only can you create emblems out of these items, but you can combine items to make equipment to aid you in battle. Combine armor with chrome to increase a unit’s defense. Throw a ruby in the mix and increase the unit’s affinity against fire. Each unit can be equipped with either a piece of armor, a weapon or an accessory. These items can greatly increase your ability to fight. The variety of items is huge and adds a lot of depth to the game. You’ll find an item that will do pretty much anything you can think of, from increase your defense to decrease your opponents speed. Item combinations aren’t always successful, though, so you have to keep your eye out for more and more items. Some of the strongest items are pretty rare, and even the weaker items are rare in some areas, so use them wisely. Because of the huge number of items, the item menu can be a pain to navigate. You have to scroll through each item individually, which takes forever. It’s even worse when you want to sell an item because you have to sell each separately. You may have 20 of an item to sell and will have to waste a lot of time selling each individually.


You’ll collect items by defeating enemies and searching the map. You can also purchase items at stores, and bid on items in an online auction. Make sure to take advantage of the auctions… they can help boost your army pretty quickly if you buy the right items. Unfortunately you can only have 250 items, and your inventory will fill up extremely quickly. This is even worse when considering the problems with the item menu I addressed earlier. Still, it’s not a big deal. When your inventory fills up you can sell your extra stuff and earn some loot. It’s just a shame that the menus are sometimes so unfriendly.


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When a battle begins you lose control of your forces and everybody just starts fighting automatically. All of the strategy comes into play outside of combat, so you have to keep your units upgraded and equipped before battle starts. Outside of battle, you can customize each unit’s fighting style. Do you want them to attack the unit with the lowest HP? Maybe the unit closest to the front. This can greatly alter the course of battle. Each battle has a timer of 30 seconds, so if you want to be truly victorious you’ll need to defeat the enemy within that time span. When an opponent’s Pocket Kingdom or a Computer Boss is defeated you’ll gain VP (Victory Points), which is what is used to rank the All Time Owner Board. If you lose a match, though, you lose VP. At the end of each battle you can heal your units. You can choose to heal a specific unit, a specific party, or everybody. It can get expensive, but it’s necessary if you want to keep fighting.


In order to find other Kingdoms and bosses you’ll need to search the map. Boss Castles hold the keys to unlocking regions of the map, which is of pretty good size. You’ll want to build a party with high search power so they’ll search faster and find better stuff while venturing out on the map. They’ll occasionally find friendly towns where you can go and trade as well, so not everyone in Ulgress is unfriendly. Aside from searching, you’ll also need to assign a party to defense. This party stays back and fights off any oncoming invaders. They cannot invade enemy Kingdoms nor can they venture out into Ulgress and search. You can build a variety of parties, each with whatever units you want. For example, you can build an army with high search power used only for searching while your stronger parties do all the fighting. To keep your Kingdom from getting demolished by opponents, you can set your defensive party up with a defensive strategy. These range from poisoning your foes to putting them to sleep. These strategies can be extremely useful against tougher foes. You can also choose the environment that you fight in, so if your characters have a high affinity for one element, you may want to fight in that sort of environment to give your units further advantage on the battlefield. From the defensive strategies and fighting styles to the environments, there is a lot that comes into play once combat starts. If you want to win you need to be careful and use strategy.


Easily my least favorite aspect of the game is the fact that when a unit is killed in battle they sometimes get “owned.” This means that the unit is lost to you permanently, as is all of their equipment. What makes this extremely annoying is the fact that you can spend hours leveling up a character, searching out the necessary items to create an emblem, upgrading to higher ranks and gathering the items to create their equipment. If you have a high ranked character you can lose hours and hours of work when he’s killed. On one hand it just means that you need to be even more careful while upgrading your party. The stronger your party the less likely they will be to get owned. You’ll also need to be careful when venturing online because even if you think you’re doing good, if a more powerful player finds you they may end up slaughtering you. In my opinion, permanently losing a character when it dies is far too severe, even if it only happens sometimes. When the game is largely based on spending hours customizing your units, why allow them to be killed off completely?


As I’ve already mentioned, you can play the game offline. You don’t actually ever have to go online if you don’t want to. Although, if you don’t you won’t be able to take advantage of the online auctions, battle other players, or make your way to the All Time Owner Board. There are two types of online play: Scrimmage and Ranked. Scrimmage Mode is online with other players, but your units can’t get owned. On the other hand you can’t gain VP either, so you aren’t going to Own the World playing Scrimmage mode, but if you just want to explore or level up but don’t want to sit in the offline mode all day, Scrimmage mode is the way to go. Ranked mode is where your units can get owned, but it’s also where heroes are made. The best of the best fight here in an attempt to Own the World. Due to the fear of losing my units, I spent a lot of time in the Scrimmage mode, but all three modes are thorough and fun. There is a lot more satisfaction in destroying human players, though, than there is beating up computer players.

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The game’s graphics are nice. The characters are highly detailed and move convincingly. Even with the huge array of characters in the game they still look pretty distinct. Some of the environments look the same, which gets a bit dull, but there’s still a decent deal of variety. Overall, Pocket Kingdom has a pleasant visual charm. The music can sometimes be repetitive, but it’s also pleasant to listen to and fits the game well.


When it’s all said and done, Pocket Kingdom is not only the best N-Gage game I’ve played yet, but also one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played on any platform. Building up a powerful army full of vampires, dragons and demons is a lot of fun, and there’s something enjoyable about totally slaughtering your opponents. The game is sure to suck away hours from your life.


Final Grade: 92%


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