Requiem of Hell

Requiem of Hell is a role playing game that was developed by Digital Red, published by Nokia, and released for the N-Gage on November 29, 2004.

Developer: Digital Red
Publisher: Nokia
Release Date: November 29, 2004
Platforms: N-Gage
JustRPG Score:
+Interesting back story.
+Easy to learn combat system.
+Fun hack and slash gameplay.
-No replay value.
-Poor visuals.


Requiem of Hell Overview

Requiem of Hell is a hack and slash role playing game that was released for the N-Gage in late 2004. The game puts you in the shoes of resurrected criminals who must gain power in order to be ready for a fight with the devil. Overall the game is nothing new, but is not a bad addition to the genre.

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Requiem of Hell Review


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The N-Gage now has its fair share of RPGs, some good and some not so good. One of the lesser known RPGs on the handheld system is Requiem of Hell, a Diablo-like hack and slash. No, the game is nowhere near the quality of Diablo, but at least it gives N-Gage owners something to kill their time, right?


You play the game as one of two fallen criminals turned hero: Troy or Linda. You’ve been resurrected by an aging shaman in order to fight off the evil Demon, Dalu. The shaman has been using all of his power to keep Dalu back, but his powers are weakening and Dalu is planning a final assault to destroy mankind! Making matters worse, with the power of the Dragon Tree, Hell’s power source, Dalu’s strength is rapidly increasing. Wielding a sword and magic, you must fight your way through Dalu’s dark armies to save all of mankind!

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The story isn’t particularly deep, and the characters aren’t exactly interesting. The dialogue between characters is just plain awful. If it doesn’t put you to sleep it will at least frustrate you with how horrible it is.


Being a hack and slash, Requiem of Hell is all about the combat. You’ll pick up a variety of weapons along your journey, and with the fairy, Gigi, at your side casting magic, you’re a formidable foe. The 5 button is your basic attack, 6 is a charge attack, and 4 blocks. Pressing 5 and 6 together will cause a spin attack, but it’s just about impossible to do. Meanwhile, pressing 1, 2 or 3 will cause Gigi to cast a magic spell corresponding to that key. As Gigi casts magic it will level up and increase in power, and since it automatically regenerates, you can use it somewhat often. You’ll unlock more powerful spells as you level up to increase your arsenal. Your character (Troy or Linda) levels up and gains HP and other stat bonuses through slaying enemies. The gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward, but I found my fingers and hands hurting a lot after playing this game even a short time. The controls are just a pain to handle!

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You’ll come across all sorts of equipment to wear that will increase your stats and grant you abilities, as well as items to regenerate your health or damage enemies. You’ll need them, because you’ll often find yourself surrounded by massive amounts of enemies. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself running in, killing a few monsters, then running away in order to heal, get the enemies off your back, or separate them in order to fight them in smaller numbers. Because of this combat can be a bit dull. Instead of being fierce, it ends up pretty slow and EXTREMELY repetitive. You can play the game with a friend if you’ve both got the game and an N-Gage. It makes it a lot more fun as well as significantly easier.


Graphically, I’ll admit I was impressed with this game. It’s not the first time the N-Gage has impressed me with its visuals. Sure, it’s no Xbox, but the environments look nice, the characters move relatively good, and the effects are actually really nice. The music isn’t too bad either, and helps to set a bit of a darker tone to the game.

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All in all, Requiem is just an okay game. If you absolutely adore hack and slash and own an N-Gage, you might want to consider it. Otherwise, the cliché story, painful controls and repetitive gameplay are probably enough reason to avoid it.


Final Grade: 68%


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