• The SNES Classic Edition: Fact or Fiction?

    Goodbye NES Classic Edition Last week Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition would be discontinued after only a year on the shelves. It launched in Japan and Australia November 10th and in North America and Europe the next day. The console was an instant sensation. Nintendo explained that “NES Classic Edition wasn’t intended to be an

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  • Nintendo Direct 4.12.2017

    Nintendo Direct 4.12.2017 The time has finally come, Nintendo has produced another Nintendo Direct for the first time in many months. This Nintendo Direct was focused on the two hottest upcoming Nintendo Switch games; Splatoon 2 and Arms. While it was not declared the focus of the Direct beforehand 3DS was also given a significant

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  • Gamestop is Now Accepting Retro Games at all Locations – JustRPG Podcast

    Gamestop is Now Accepting Retro Games at all Locations – JustRPG Podcast     Gamestop has been accepting retro video games at specific locations in the New York and New Jersey area for a little while now in order to test their system. Now they are accepting retro video games from popular systems such as

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  • Nintendo Switch Reveal! – JustRPG Podcast

    Nintendo Switch Reveal! – JustRPG Podcast  

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  • The Game Awards 2016

    Below are the games that were revealed and/or teased during the award ceremony. The one game I am most excited for is the prequel Specter of Torment which is set to release in the spring, and will be followed at some point by one more campaign, which will star King Knight. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition brings the

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