The Game Awards 2016

Below are the games that were revealed and/or teased during the award ceremony. The one game I am most excited for is the prequel Specter of Torment which is set to release in the spring, and will be followed at some point by one more campaign, which will star King Knight.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition brings the critically-acclaimed cult-classic shooter to PlayStation® 4, Xbox One™ system, and PC in stunning ultra-high resolutions. A disappointment to many. Fans of the game were hoping for a sequel to their beloved FPS that rewards you with points for performing increasingly ludicrous and creative kills.

The NES Classic Edition: Retro Never Looked So Cute

Nintendo is taking the old and making it new today with the release of the NES Classic Edition. This tiny machine can fit in the palm of your hand and weighing in at around 2 lbs it’s no wonder people have started calling it the “Mini-NES”. Many stores have already sold out of it on its first day, but is it really worth it? With all the emulator consoles on the market, what is the REAL appeal of this? Today we’ll look inside this to see what makes the NES Classic Edition special.

Nintendo Switch Has Been Revealed!

Earlier this morning Nintendo released a commercial out of the blue. A commercial that would steal the attention of everyone on the internet today. Finally, they have revealed their new system. The Nintendo Switch.

This was Nintendo’s Announcement:

Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.

Playstation Meeting 9.7.2016 – PS4 Pro Reveal!

Today, September 7th, 2016 at 3pm Sony held a “Playstation Meeting” in the Playstation Theater, New York. This meeting focused on the reveal for the new “PS4 Pro,” which is an upgraded version of the Playstation 4. The focus on this new console is enhanced visuals, greatly improved hardware, and a much 1 TB hard drive.

The meeting started with the reveal of the Playstation 4 Slim, which will be the only “regular” Playstation 4 that will be available for purchase moving forward for Sony. The PS4 Slim will be sold for $299 and will be available on September 19th, 2016.

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Pokemon Snap Like Features & New Pokemon

Ever since its original release in spring of 1999 Pokemon Snap has been a fan favorite spin off of the ever popular Pokemon series. In this game players took the role of a Pokemon photographer who rode around in a cart on a quest to take pictures of all the Pokemon. This game played very much like a rail shooter but instead of shooting bullets the player shot photographs. Fans of Pokemon and Pokemon Snap have been clamoring for a sequel to this Nintendo 64 game ever since the introduction of motion controls that came with the Nintendo Wii. These pleads for a sequel were even louder with the release of the Wii U which seemed to be the perfect platform to launch a revival. With the continuation of motion controls and the separate game pad, which could have functioned as the player’s camera, but it never came. While a Pokemon Snap U does not seem to be on the horizon, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have announced a new feature in Pokemon Sun & Moon called Poke’ Finder.

Nintendo 3DS Direct 9.1.2016

Every so often Nintendo does a “Nintendo Direct” which is a live streamed video showing off their new products, or their new products which have received some major updates. They showed off one of these such directs this morning, which today took the form of a “Nintendo 3DS Direct.” This showed off quite a few new 3DS games, some updates for some existing 3DS games, and some new hardware. We have broken down what was shown in the direct in the order in which it was showed in their stream so if you do not have time to watch the entire 40 minute video you can easily get all the news here!

Playstation Now Streaming Service Launches on PC Today

After its announcement only a week ago the new streaming service offered by Sony, Playstation Now, has gone live as of today. This service allows players to stream over 400 Playstation 3 games directly to their Playstation 4, Windows PC, or Mac computers. The service is a $19.99 monthly fee, and is much like how Netflix and other streaming services operate. They have also offered a free 7 day trail, and an introductory offer that provides the service for the annual cost of $99.99.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z is Coming to the PS4 in Japan

Monster Hunter is a beloved series that has seen games on multiple platforms such as the PSP, 3DS, PS2, PC, and now the Playstation 4. The game has even been adapted to an online MMORPG which took the form of Monster Hunter Frontier.

While Monster Hunter Frontier is a Japanese only PC game series, it has gotten some recent love in the states with the recently released Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS, which received overall positive reviews.

Nintendo: More Nintendo Selects Available

Nintendo make an announcement today that they have added additional games to their “Nintendo Selects” line up, which have already made their way to stores and are available for purchase starting today. Nintendo Selects is their modern version of “greatest hits” which include games on the Nintendo Wii U, and 3DS. These new Wii U additions include The Legend of Zelda the Windwaker, Nintendo Land, and Lego City Undercover. While the new 3DS titles include Lego City Undercover, Tomodachi Life, Nintendogs + Cats, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, and Animal Crossing New Leaf. These titles are $20 brand new and sealed, and have a distinctive theme to the box art. While some of us collectors may not be a fan of this style of box art this also usually means that the original releases drop in price since more copies of the games are available.

Nindies Summer Jam: Nintendo Summer Sale Update

Nintendo has done us yet another favor and added a significant number of games to their Nintendo Summer Savings sale! This time around it is taking the form of the Nindies Summer Jam which is adding a long list of indie games that are making their way to Nintendo platforms for the first time. Some of these you may already be familiar with such as Gurumin, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and Steam World Heist. These releases, just like the regular summer sale, are being put out on the Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo Wii U, which is a welcomed addition for Wii U fans who may be running out of games to play due to the lack of releases overall for the system. What makes this even better is that the first week that these games are available they will be an additional 10% off the listing price! We are pretty excited about a few of these such as Stardew Valley, and Gurumin 3D, but take a look at the full list of these new additions, and the official Nintendo released trailer, and let us know what you are going to get in the comment section below.

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