Digital vs Physical Games

Digital VS Physical Games: A Collector’s Perspective

As a real lover of video games, and also a hardcore video game collector, I sometimes find myself in a dilemma when deciding if I am going to pick up a game. The reason I have these troubles is because these days a lot of games, especially games from indie developers, are only sold in a digital format. This has caused me to sometimes think twice about buying a game that normally I would have no problem getting. I have wrote this to help explain my problem, and hopefully help some of you who may be going through the same sort of issues. So put your wallet away and sit back and let’s go over the pros and cons of buying digital vs physical games. 

What to play on the Nintendo Switch Today!

What to Play on the Nintendo Switch Today!

Just like many other gamers in the world you might have the itch to buy a Nintendo Switch, but are hesitant because of the currently limited game library? Fear not! We at JustRPG have put together this list of some of our favorite games you can get for the Switch if you bought one today. We have also included a few games that are coming out in the near future so you can better plan what games you want today, and what games you are willing to wait for. 

PAX East Convention 2017

A Convention for Casuals and Hardcore Fans

The beginning of “Convention season” always get me excited for PAX East which is in the first quarter of the year. PAX; or Penny Arcade Expo, started out in Washington for their first show in 2004. Since then it expanded to Boston in 2010 and it has been growing ever since. What makes this special for me is that it’s a convention focused only on games and not just video games.

Moon Hunters: A Gut Feeling Game


Another uneventful day of world quests in World of Warcraft Legion had gone by when I had the sudden urge to check out theindiebox for their Indie Game Collector Editions. It’s the collector’s edition content without the outrageous price tag. I’d been wary of subscription services for “Geek Items” ever since I had many consecutive months of disliking the boxes I received through Loot Crate (Sorry guys. The first year was amazing, but then it lost its’ spark). That day I was surprised to see Owlboy a game I had been following for a while had a Standard Edition, but no collectors yet so I looked around on the rest of the site. That’s when a game called “Moon Hunters” caught my eye.

Discussion of the Week: What Were Your Most Memorable RPG Moments?

Some RPGs have the ability to impact your life in such a way that you never look at games the same way again. Some leave you speechless in awe of their beautiful landscapes and grand scope. Some mess with your mind in a way that makes you question what you thought was the norm. Some make your cringe in disgust. Others give you such great satisfaction that you feel like you are a more complete person after experiencing them. These are our favorite RPG moments and they are ones that we will never forget for as long as we live.

Discussion of the Week: The Most Revolutionary RPGs Of All Time

The most revolutionary RPGs of all time.

There are some RPGs that changed the way that all of the rest were made after their creation. These games may not be the best of all time, although some of them are, but they all changed how RPGs are and what they will be in the future. They either set the bar, mixed up the game, or completely changed the game. These games are the most revolutionary RPGs of all time according to us.

Discussion of the Week: Which Console Generation Was The “Golden Age” of RPGs?

For this week’s discussion of the week we are asking which console generation was the “golden age” of RPGs. By “golden age” we mean what was the best era for RPGs, or in other words which console generation produced the best and most memorable RPGs that are still relevant today. This question may be hard to answer with the old “nostalgia lens” clouding up our memories, but for the purposes of this discussion we tried to put nostalgia aside and instead tried to look objectively at the games that came out during each generation, and then analysed their impact on the RPG market.