Digital vs Physical Games

Digital VS Physical Games: A Collector’s Perspective

As a real lover of video games, and also a hardcore video game collector, I sometimes find myself in a dilemma when deciding if I am going to pick up a game. The reason I have these troubles is because these days a lot of games, especially games from indie developers, are only sold in a digital format. This has caused me to sometimes think twice about buying a game that normally I would have no problem getting. I have wrote this to help explain my problem, and hopefully help some of you who may be going through the same sort of issues. So put your wallet away and sit back and let’s go over the pros and cons of buying digital vs physical games. 

What to play on the Nintendo Switch Today!

What to Play on the Nintendo Switch Today!

Just like many other gamers in the world you might have the itch to buy a Nintendo Switch, but are hesitant because of the currently limited game library? Fear not! We at JustRPG have put together this list of some of our favorite games you can get for the Switch if you bought one today. We have also included a few games that are coming out in the near future so you can better plan what games you want today, and what games you are willing to wait for. 

PAX East Convention 2017

A Convention for Casuals and Hardcore Fans

The beginning of “Convention season” always get me excited for PAX East which is in the first quarter of the year. PAX; or Penny Arcade Expo, started out in Washington for their first show in 2004. Since then it expanded to Boston in 2010 and it has been growing ever since. What makes this special for me is that it’s a convention focused only on games and not just video games.