Formed in 2001 Chucklefish is an independent developer known for their popular games, Starbound and Wargroove. 


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Company Headquarters: London, UK
Region(s): NA/EU
Year Founded: 2011
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Chucklefish is an independent game development company that was formed in the middle of 2011. The company began as a small group of developers with no funding, and no real experience. While the company was short on resources and experience, it was not short on ideas. In April 2013 Chucklefish hosted a pre-order campaign for their first major game, Starbound, and the rest is indie gaming history. 

By the time Starbound was finished in 2013 Chucklefish had raised over $1,000,000 for the project and the game was released on Steam Early Access. In 2014 the company moved to London, and since has began to develop many other games for multiple platforms. 


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