Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a puzzle game that was developed by Infinite Interactive, and was released for the Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation 3, the PC, and the Microsoft Xbox 360.

Developer: Infinite Interactive
Publisher: D3 Publisher of America
Release Date: February, 2009
Platforms: DS, PS3, PC, Xbox 360
JustRPG Score:
+Interesting game mechanics.
+Good replay value.
+Good soundtrack.
-Poor visuals.
-Poor story line.


Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Overview

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a puzzle game that was released for multiple platforms in early 2009. The game is a puzzle game similar to games such as bejeweled, but with a science fiction theme. The game also has an interesting ship movement mode which adds another layer of strategy to the game. Overall if you are a fan of puzzle games then this gem is for you.

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Review


The successor to the surprise hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is an excellent hybrid of RPG depth and addictive puzzle gameplay. This time around,Puzzle Quest is set in a Sci-Fi universe, where you’ll explore the galaxy, upgrade your ship, and encounter strange alien creatures.


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Puzzle Quest is a match 3 puzzle game like Bejeweled, splashing in tons of RPG-style customization and storytelling. This makes it a game that can appeal to casual gaming fans and hardcore RPGers alike.


Each gem color represents something different and provides a different benefit when swapped. For example, matching 3 blue gems will replenish some of your ship’s shields, while matching 3 bombs will deal damage to your enemy. The equipment on your ship grants you special abilities, allowing you to heal, deal extra damage, transform gems, etc. Each of these abilities will require you to use energy gained by swapping gems on the board. For example, you can deal additional damage to your enemy with a mining laser, which will require red energy. Matching 5 or more gems will give you an extra turn.


Galactrix features a wide variety of missions that you can embark on, some of which will lead you along the game’s story, while others are simply to earn extra coins and experience. With coins, you can enhance your ship with new equipment, and can even upgrade to a more powerful ship with more slots for equipment, higher HP, stronger shields, etc. Experience is gained by completing quests, winning battles, and swapping white gems. This experience is just one more way to improve your ship by leveling up and distributing points towards specific stats to increase their strength.

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Aside from the new Sci-Fi theme, the biggest difference between Galactrix and the original is that Galactrix is played on a hexagonal puzzle board. This will likely take a bit of getting used to, but also allows for some new strategy. One example is that when you make a match, new gems fly into place on the board in the same direction that the match was made rather than simply falling from the top. Hexagonal pieces also means there are more ways you can make a match of three.


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New characters will join your crew throughout your adventure. While few of these characters have much of a personality of actual impact on the story, each of them have a unique skill that you can take advantage of by playing a special mini game. These mini games will allow you to hack into a gateway, haggle for discounted prices, search for rumors etc. Not only are these skills incredibly useful, but they’ll add a little bit of variety to the gameplay as well.


When you’re traveling from system to system, you’ll encounter both friendly and hostile alien races. If you manage to stay on their good side, you’ll be able to travel through their region without any problems. However, if you find yourself battling their ships from time to time in order to earn experience, then they’ll likely remember the wrong you’ve done to them and attack you on sight! This adds a little bit to the experience, knowing that your actions actually have some consequence.


Personally, I found Challenge of the Warlords to be tons of fun, but if you didn’t like it, then it’s a safe bet that you aren’t going to like Galactrix either. While Galactrixdoes offer a few flashes of something different, it’s an extremely familiar experience for better or worse.

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Visually, Galactrix isn’t exactly impressive, but it does feature some interesting designs and creative characters. The majority of the time, you’ll either be staring at the game map, which is dull and uninspired, or the game board, which is set up nicely and very intuitive to puzzle lovers. The sound effects and music in Puzzle Quest heighten the experience with a fine orchestral mix and battle sounds that keep you engaged. However, considering this is all of the DS, it may very well be drowned out.


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While Galactrix is a pleasure to play, the DS might not be the ideal platform for it. The small screen and stylus, combined with the tiny little gems that you’ll be swapping, can make it a bit difficult to play. There may also be some times when you THINK you’ve clicked a gem and have not and there’s occasionally a delay. While this review only focuses on the DS version, it’s also worth nothing that it’s also available on Xbox 360 and PSP if you prefer one platform over another. My biggest gripe with Galactrix comes from the constant and slow loading. There are plenty of areas to explore and you’ll find yourself frequently moving from one solar system to another. Unfortunately, this is a slow and boring process.


If you enjoyed the original Puzzle Quest, then Galactrix is a must-have for you. And if for some reason you haven’t played the original yet, then I suggest you do. It’s a great game to take with you on a road trip and will provide hours of gem-swapping fun, tied together nicely by an interesting Sci-Fi tale and deep customization. While it’s not as groundbreaking as its predecessor, Galactrix is still a worthwhile continuation of the series!


Final Grade: 82%


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