ROSE Online

ROSE Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that was developed by TriggerSoft, published by Gravirt Interactive, and released for PC on December 01, 2005.

Developer: TriggerSoft
Publisher: Gravity Interactive
Release Date: December 01, 2005
Platforms: PC
JustRPG Score:
+Anime inspired graphics.
+Compelling story line.
+Easy to learn controls.
-Lack luster translations.
-Sub-par servers.
-Repetitive music.


ROSE Online Overview

ROSE Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with pleasant anime inspired graphics from Gravity, the creators of the extremely popular Ragnarok Online. This game was one of the first by Gravity to sport true 3D graphics, and overall was very visually appealing for the time of its release. While the translations for this game are overall lack luster the main story line is still very well done and has a lot to offer gamers of any age. All in all Rose Online is a great MMORPG that is worth playing for any serious RPG fan.

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ROSE Online Review


I really enjoyed both Ragnarok Online and the expansion pack, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to review the next big game from Gravity. Sadly, this one was not really my cup of tea. I’m by no means saying that this is a bad game, however it may not be the type of game that hardcore adult RPG gamers will want to spend their money on.


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Like usual, I’ll start out with the graphics of the game. I am really delighted by the use of the 3D animation and their intense collision engine. This gives it some fairly realistic movements both when fighting and running around. I did not care for the specific look of the characters, especially at first. I even remember thinking they looked like “Hawaiian tourists” because of their silly shirts and Bermuda shorts. As you advance in the game and in levels, you get “cooler” looking apparel and items to use and wear, but they still have this over-the-top teen feeling to them. I understand that this game is targeted towards gamers in their tweens, but that may be capping their audience pretty badly considering that the only gamers that have credit cards are 18+.


The game’s music left something to be desired. The repetitive use of the same track for each map and area soon became tiresome to the point that I would turn off the music or remove my headphones and play some of my own music just to break the monotony of the musical score. I also occasionally encountered some weird sort of sound error. Every so often while I was fighting I would get this loud static feed, like a CD had a scratch in it or something. I’m not sure if it was a flaw with the game itself, a corrupted file, or a problem with my computer. Although, considering that I have more than the recommended requirements for this game and most of the other MMORPGs out on the market right now, the latter option might not be very likely.


The server and online aspect of the game was great. There was virtually no lag in the servers that I played on, and I even tried several different servers just to make sure. Each one appeared to be very organized and detailed in the TCP/IP connections that were needed for the gamers to connect to that world. The only aspect I would like to see improved would be to have more server worlds. For example, something like a PvP or PK server world for those gamers who love to kill other players and to fight amongst themselves. This would also allow newbies to take their time with their characters and not have to live in fear of anyone trying to kill them.

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Overall, I think the story is awesome! The whole idea reminds me of an off-shoot of the Star Ocean series, and for those of you who have followed my other reviews and/or read my posts here in the Just RPG forum, then you will know that Star Ocean is my religion. However, a great plot and story can’t be the only thing that a game has going for it.


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As I said earlier, this is not a game that I would personally go out and download to play for my own personal enjoyment, much less pay a monthly fee for. However, with my personal bias aside, I would have to say that if anyone has some money burning a hole in their pocket and is looking for a game with awesome 3D graphics and a wonderful story, then they should go ahead and give ROSE Online a try. They just might like it!


Final Grade: 80%


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