X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends is an arcade style role playing game that was developed by Raven Software, published by Activision, and was released for the Nintendo GameCube, Sony Playstation 2, and the Microsoft Xbox, on September 22, 2004.

Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: September 22, 2004
Platforms: PS2, Xbox, GameCube
JustRPG Score:
+Appealing Characters.
+Fun action oriented combat.
+Easy to learn controls.
-Sub-par story line.
-Mediocre voice acting.
-Lack luster controls.


X-Men Legends Overview

X-Men Legends is an action oriented arcade style RPG that allows the player to control their favorite X-Men characters. This game has pretty fun gameplay and allows the player to choose which team of characters they want to use to complete the missions given. The multiplayer mode is well done and enjoyable. Overall the game is fun for a short time but gets old very fast, and has little to no replay value.

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X-Men Legends Review


You and your team are walking through an old reactor building, and all of a sudden, you’re confronted by armed security guards. What will you do? Fortunately you have the advantage with your mutant abilities. Will you freeze your foes? Electrocute your enemies? Barbecue the bad guys? All sound like great options, so you use all three powers at once. This is one of the possible scenes from Activision’s latest take on X-Men.


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X-Men Legends is one of the newest Action/RPGs to be offered by Activision. The game incorporates elements unseen in previous X-Men games. Instead of blasting or slashing your way through, you’ll have to strategize which X-Men to use. The game also allows players to customize their X-Men how they see fit with different stat and ability upgrades, as well as equipment.


Legends offers an all-star cast that many fans will appreciate. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine, Gambit and ten other X-Men make up the cast of heroes. The story centers itself around Magma, who has the ability to control lava. She is the player’s avatar in the world of Legends.


Classic villains will also make their appropriate appearance in the game. Baddies such as Mystique, Juggernaut, Pyro and even Shadow King make their way into the game to hinder players. Of course, Sentinels will make players’ lives a living nightmare, and they appear very often in the game.

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One unique trait of the game is that players can customize X-Men using a point system. At each level up, characters are allotted so many points (usually 1-2) to customize stats and powers. This is how you can make or break your game. If you put too much into one power, others will be lacking. Fortunately there is also an “auto” option, which distributes points as the game sees fit.


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The story is confusing at times, and even though the central character is obvious, there is very little in the way of plotline development around her until the very end of the game. The story jumps from plot to plot with linear precision. The lack of side quests keeps you focused on the story (if that’s a plus for you…).


Unfortunately, the game is short on game play for an RPG. Clocking about 20 hours, you’ll only get to see a portion of the X-Men story you want to see. However, upon finishing the game, you unlock new costumes, all the movies, and you keep any other tidbits you picked up along the way (comic books, sketches, etc.).


The games offers a variety of fun little extras, but unfortunately you can only see them at the X-Mansion (which you rarely go to) and after you finish games. But don’t get me wrong, these are great extras. For every comic book you collect, the character on the cover will pick up stat bonuses. There is also a quiz for X-Nerds like myself (I didn’t get them all right. Shame…).

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The graphics are reminiscent of the comics which the characters come from (characters are outlined). The movies aren’t the longest and the greatest, but then again, this is not a 20-minute Xenosaga CG movie! The graphics do not take away from the gameplay. It is the sometimes bad camera angles (and the inability to change them at times) which you’ll be changing very often.


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The sound is mediocre at best. The sound effects don’t leave much to the imagination at all. The voice acting, however, is top notch. They brought in some talented voice actors, including Patrick Stewart, who voices Professor X. The voice acting is limited to select scenes, however. The music picks up pace whenever you’re in combat, but otherwise it’s pretty dull, to say the least.


At best, I give the game a 6 out of 10. The game is very fun to play and players can get involved in the development of characters and searching for extras while playing. However, the not-so-obvious story, sound and graphics take away from this excellent game. The game is definitely an experience worth trying, but don’t expect a long ride!


Final Grade: 60%


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